13 Amazing Places to visit Before they Disappear from the World

Endangered place in the World . See them before they extinct

major reasons include :

Deforestation and mining

Global warming

1. Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is a very famous mountains know for its snow-capped top but as expected. this beautiful snow cover is rapid decreasing. Reaching the top of this mountain is a big challenge but once at the top. the site of the vast fields of ice makes the trip worth all the effort.

2. The Dead Sea (Palestine/Jordan)

The dead sea. home of the lowest elevation on earth and almost 10 times as salty as a ocean. is losing 2 billion gallons of water a year. this is because of large-scale mining operations and the diversion of the water from the dead sea's main water source the Jordan river

3. Venice, Italy

It is considered as the one of the most romantic places on the earth .
The city if canals has long been sinking . bur an uptick in the number of increasing severe floods each year could leave Venice uninhabitable bu this century's end.

4. Seychelles

The epitome of a tropical paradise . it is a collection of 115 islands in the Indian ocean and home to numerous luxury resorts. yet the islands are in dangers due to beach erosion. after already seeing a devastating coral die-off. some experts. believe that in 50 to 100 years. the entire archipelago could be submerged.

5. The Alps

One of the most famous skiing regions in the world . alps sit at lower altitude than a rocky mountains. which leaves the range more susceptible to climate change. around 3% of alpine glacial ice is lost per year and experts believe that the glaciers could disappear entirely by 2050

6. Taj Mahal – India

One of the seven wonders ready to shut its door forever. According to the caretakers of this mausoleum - air pollution and decaying of the wood which support the structure  Makes the marbles gonna vanish

7. The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

The largest coral reef in the world is in danger. 50% of this area has disappeared in last 27 years due to global warming and coral bleaching. It is estimated that it will be irreversibly damaged by the year 2030.

8. Franz Josef Glacier – South Island, New Zealand

It is considered as the gem of the glaciers located on west coat of new Zealand. it world simply disappear in next 100 years

9. The Amazon Rainforest – South Africa

It covering 1.4 billion acres. its the largest tropical rain forest in the world. Deforestation, mining and global warming will erode this in next 50 years

10. Komodo Island – Indonesia

Best place for Water Sports , neighboring island provide some of the Worlds best diving spots
growing acidification and raising temperature may eventually kill the reef.

11. Glacier National Park – United States

one of the beautiful park in the united states is losing the one thing for which it is known - glaciers !

12. The Maldives

one of leading Tourist place  for honeymoon goers. it boasts of crystal blue waters teamed with colorful fishes. white sand beaches. and the amazing water bungalows !.
it is actually the lowest-lying Country in the world  which could submerged in the next 100 years.

13. Machu Picchu – Peru

Machu picchu located high in the Andes mountains and has become a must visit for the travelers around the world. unfortunately these ruins are being damaged by the hordes of visitors that tromp around in boots and climb and jump on the sites structure. 
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