How to Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

How Can you lose weight without exercise , is it Possible ?

Do you know what is “Weight Loss”?
How to Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise
How to Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

Its all about regulating your calories. And Diet plus exercise plays a cogent role in regulating them.
Need not to be discouraged if your daily routine does not allow you to do daily exercise at home to lose weight,
Here are some easy ways to lose weight.

1.Calorie calculator for weight loss

First and foremost task is to know how much calories your body needs. Keep eyes on your Calorie intake. Calories give
energy to our body. Our body organs need the energy to perform proper functioning.The total amount of required energy needed
for the functioning of the body is known as “Metabolic rate”.
A normal human being burns about 2000 calories daily. If we consume more calories than required then these extra calories
get stored in our body for lateral usage.
This extra amount of calories are accumulated in our body as fat. If someone continues taking more and more calories then
the extra fat will be accumulated.
If you really want to lose weight without exercise then just check your consumption of calories intake and know
your “metabolic rate”.
You can search for online calorie calculator for weight loss(here you can give a link to an online calculator) for calculating your metabolic rate.
You must know how many calories should a man eat a day to lose weight and eat accordingly.

2.Calorie Measurement

After knowing how many calories your body needs (how many calories should a man eat a day to lose weight). Just note down the number of calories you are taking on a daily basis.
Besides this note down the calorie content of food (daily food calorie calculator), drinks or anything you take.
“Keep in your mind that calories you are consuming are not higher than the calories required by your body for its proper
functioning. You may check out how many calories does the human body need to survive and weight loss diet.

Pay attention to these points to weight loss without any exercise.

1. Keep eyes on your body.Know when you are going to eat and food you like.

2. Do remember! If you are eating when not hungry Reddit you are more likely to gain weight. So make an eating timetable for weight loss.

3. While eating, eat up to a point when you realize that you are no longer hungry and avoid “Bulimia”(Over Eating).
Eat calmly (Check out how to eat slower to lose weight) and allow yourself to sense your level of hunger.

4. Since Protein is the incumbency of weight loss. So eat protein such as fish, cheese, chicken and cottage (low fat).

5. Take more fruits and vegetables in your diet because these fruits that boost metabolism and vegetables will surely increase your metabolism
and thus helps in burning off extra accumulated fat stored in your body.

6. According to a Weight loss Theory, ” Monounsaturated fats burn fat in your body. So you must add these monounsaturated
fats in your diet.
walnuts, olives, avocados, and flaxseed are some of the examples of monounsaturated fats.
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