Every Couple Should Know These 10 Questions Related To Sex

To say, everyone wants to be immersed in the beautiful feeling of sex all the time, but as the rules of every thing are made, some rules have also been set regarding sex. Whatever sex should be done at that time, in what state it should be done and what should be done etc., keeping in mind that which does sex gives extreme happiness and its health remains good. Sex is a need of every person, there is a beautiful feeling and it is also important to do it with good spirit. Along with your devotion to sex for enjoyable sex, your partner's cooperation and consent is also important. If she shows reluctance, do not have sex on that day. Remember, sex means to show mutual love, not forcefully

Every Couple Should Know These 10 Questions Related To Sex | via0.com
Every Couple Should Know These 10 Questions Related To Sex 

1. Under what circumstances should sex should be avoided, and why?
Many couples do not often know these things when they should be sexually and when not. Some situations are such that it is important to avoid sex. If sex is done in such a way, there is no full pleasure of sex, and there is also adverse effect on health. So, as far as possible, in case of physical or mental disorder, avoid sex -
2. Why is sex prohibited after physical discomfort, especially heart attacks?
When you or your partner has any physical or mental problems or problems, do not have sex during that time, especially if the doctor has advised bed rest. When there is really a need for comfort in any discomfort, such as a heart attack, in this way any sex action can put you in trouble by putting pressure on the heart.
3. Why should not sex in the state of mental illness?
Sex is not only the body but also the mind. Any mental illness can be an obstacle to enjoying sex for you or your partner. If any of you have any complaints like mental illness - depression, stress, and nervous breakdown, then the desire for sex itself will die. In such a situation, sex with a cumbersome mind will not be right, nor will you be able to enjoy the pleasure of sex.
4. How many days after surgery should sex?
After any surgery, it is better that you avoid sex. As long as the doctor does not properly assure you of your thorough recovery by testing you. Having fresh sex after fresh surgery can cause any type of pain, such as opening your stitches or bleeding or severe pain, which can put you in trouble.
5. In case of STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease), can the partner also have this disease on having sex?

The only way to prevent it from spreading if there is any infectious disease like STD is to avoid sex. Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDS can also be obtained from one partner and another partner through sex. So avoid having sex in such a situation. The doctor advises to stay away from physical relations until the truth is confirmed as long as there is a possibility of such a disease.
6. Sometimes the partner complains of pain during the intercourse. Why is it important to avoid sex in such a situation?
When the partner (wife) is feeling the pain at the time of the intercourse, then understand that it is a threat bell. Avoid sex in such a way. If pain is persistent then immediately contact your doctor with your wife. Painful sex can put physical pain as well as in mental discomfort. It would be right for you to take care of your partner's pain and enjoy sex without pain.
7. Some people say that sex should not be done during pregnancy, while some people believe that sex can be done during pregnancy. What's the reality? can i have sex during pregnancy ?
Sex is often confused with pregnancy, whether or not to have sex during pregnancy. Experts believe that sex should not take place from the sixth week to the twelfth week of pregnancy because there is a possibility of abortion during this time. Not only this, sex can also be dangerous in the last two months of pregnancy. Sex can only be done in the fourth and seventh months of pregnancy.
8. It is said that sexual intercourse between husband and wife is solved by having sex, but when mental condition is not correct, then what sex can be enjoyed?
Most people understand that sex is an effective way of settling the disputes between husband and wife. By immediately taking sexual intercourse, mutual disturbance is dispelled but it is not right, because sex is essential for one's heart and mind. Do not have sex in any such situation of collision. If there is a bitterness in your mind and you are having sex with sex then it will be just a work which will be dealt with extortion. If there is no feeling in it, how will it get extreme happiness? Remember, for sex you will have to be one with body and mind, then you will be able to enjoy sex in the right sense.
9. Do  men not think about sex as men?
We can say that women against men think less about sex, but they can not say that women do not think about sex. Research says that not only men, but women also think about sex, but it happens when they undergo hormonal changes.
10. If you fail for sex for the first time, then  does  this mean you lack?
This is a misconception. As the practice of every thing is important, the same way, enjoying better sex is also enjoyed after practicing it several times. Maybe, in the initial period, you can not absorb sex like that, just as many times after practicing.
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