6 Yoga Poses For Better Sex Life and Double The Intimacy Fun

yoga can help you to live a healthy sex life by strengthening kegel muscles and increasing blood flow in the right places.

 poses to help getting pleasurable, frisky under the sheets much more fun and  lively .

6 Yoga Poses For Better Sex Life and Double The Intimacy Fun
6 Yoga Poses For Better Sex Life and Double The Intimacy Fun

In other words, you should feel a stretch, sometimes a very big stretch, but never actual pain. By moving slowly and not over exulting ourselves, we’ll be far more flexible than we are currently, and in a matter of weeks or months we’ll be bursting with energy and feeling fabulous

* The Cat Cow
The Cat Cow pose

Who needs Kegel exercise balls when you can just do the Cat Cow? Not only is strengthening those Kegel muscles great for supporting our uterus and bladder but they also help us to reach and maintain an orgasm. Balancing on all fours, lift your head and very slowly roll your spine one vertebrae at a time, allowing your stomach to drop slightly creating a curve in the lower back and lifting your hips towards the sky.

* Childs pose

Oh you’ll feel the burn, trust us. Begin by resting your knees on the ground, hip-width apart and big toes touching one another behind you. Keep your back straight and gradually stretch forward to the ground with your arms extended. You’ll feel a stretch throughout your shoulders and arms, as well as your spine, along with a fantastic stretch in your hip flexors (inner hip muscles) too. To achieve a deeper stretch, slowly move the knees out wider, slowly and one at a time.

* Reclining butterfly

This pose is thought to help some women relieve menstrual aches and pains while also stretching the hips and inner thighs. Begin sitting and place the soles of your feet together, bending both legs and opening the hips. This alone is the butterfly pose. Rather than pushing too hard to get your knees to touch the floor, try holding the pose for longer. For a more relaxing pose, but still working on those hips and legs, lie down with the feet remaining in the same position.

* Bridge pose

  Bridge pose
To get toning those pelvic floor muscles, as well as your bum and glutes, get practising this pose. Building strength and flexibility in these areas work wonders for a better sex life and it’s so simple. For an extra bum workout, lift your pelvis up and down slowly.

* Eagle pose
Eagle pose

The Eagle helps to relieve symptoms of urinary tract infections and it’s great for improving our balance. It doesn’t just loosen up our legs and hips, but it’s also great for sciatica sufferers too. By bending your knees and lifting your left leg over your right – making sure the left thigh is over the right thigh – hug your right leg with your left as shown. The toes of your left foot should point to the ground. Lift your arms parallel to the floor and intertwine as seen here, pressing the palms together. If you have a tight upper back and shoulders you’ll feel this one.

* Cobblers pose
Cobblers pose

This pose can be intense, so it’s important to take your time. Sitting down with feet together, begin to bend forward. The aim is to get your head to rest comfortably on your feet. No doubt there are plenty of us that are just not that flexible yet, but even a little bit of practise while taking your time to move that teeny bit further each go can make an enormous amount of difference to your sex life as it opens up the hips and stretches the groin muscles.
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