5 Reasons To Drink Wine For Flawless Skin

We often hear that having more of salads, fruit juices, less spicy or junk foods, exercising regularly and leading a stress free life can work wonders on skin. While people also believe in staying away from alcohol, not many people know that drinking moderate quantities of wine not only helps you relax but also blesses you with healthy skin that glows from within. 

Gorgeous, glowing and flawless skin is every girl’s dream because when you look beautiful, your confidence level doubles. People wanting to get that dreamy silky smooth skin often spend oodles of money on cosmetic procedures and products but when it comes from deep within, it looks natural and stays with you forever. But great skin demands your commitment in leading a healthy lifestyle.

5 Reasons To Drink Wine For Flawless Skin
5 Reasons To Drink Wine For Flawless Skin

Eliminates Signs of Early Ageing

Slow down your skin’s ageing process by applying few drops of red wine on the area of the skin where dark spots are appearing. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with cold water, Do this daily and you will see how magically red wine works in vanishing those stubborn signs of ageing.

Helps In Minimizing Sun Damage

Though wine does not work as a sunscreen, it is naturally rich in amino acids and antioxidants that work efficiently in creating a barrier against the strong UV radiation emitted by the sun

Fights Stubborn Acne

Red wine can be effectively used to treat skin suffering from acne, blisters or small breakouts. It comprises of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that cleanses skin from deep within and strengthens skin’s pores. Red wine not only treats acne but removes oils and impurities to prevent further appearance of breakouts.

Gives You Radiant Skin

Gift your skin the youthful radiance with a soothing red wine massage. Just dab a cotton ball with some red wine and spread evenly around your face and neck. Gently massage for a few minutes and rinse it off. Make this a routine night time practice and you will see amazing results in no time.

 Keeps Wrinkles Away

Red wine in particular is stored with lots of antioxidants that can fight the ageing process by restoring the collagen balance along with skin’s elasticity. Give your skin a new lease of life by including moderate amount of wine in your diet and see for yourself how fine lines and wrinkles vanish.
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