10 Amazing Flirting Tips To Make Your Guy Want You More | Love Lifestyle Blog

The art of seduction isn’t as difficult as it seems to appear onscreen. 
If you have your eye on a certain lucky chap, we’re here to help you take your flirting game to the whole new level! . You can totally blow his mind and make him go crazy about you with these  flirting tips. Let’s seduce him, then, shall we?

10 Amazing Flirting Tips To Make Your Guy Want You More | Love Lifestyle Blog
10 Amazing Flirting Tips To Make Your Guy Want You More | Love Lifestyle Blog

1. Become His Friend First!

“The ability to hold a conversation and having an amazing sense of humour are a couple of things men find extremely attractive in a woman. Try to become his buddy first before hitting on him. Ask him witty questions, crack a few jokes, listen to his thoughts and occasionally touch him while casually talking to him. Most importantly, be YOURSELF when you’re around him!” 

2. Make him wonder what kissing you would feel like…

Here’s how: It’s quite simple, actually. When you are directly in his line of view, reapply your lipstick and be quite dramatic about it -  playfully bite your tongue between your teeth and lick your lips and end your performance with a perfect pout. Be rest assured, he won’t be able to take his eyes off this makeup routine that was staged just for his pleasure, and will find himself thinking of those soft lips for days after.

3. Get him to decode what you just said

Here’s how: Compliment him and the follow it up with something naughty. Don’t be overtly sexual in your comment, just say something that has a vague hint of double meaning in it. Maybe follow it up with a wink? That should make him want to ‘read between the lines’ and wonder what you actually meant.

4. Smile at him in a way that he knows it’s only for him…

Here’s how: When you’re standing with a group of people, keep looking his way and smile at him like you are sharing an inside joke just with him, that no one else has a clue about. Make eye contact, bite your lip in a secretive way and just make sure he knows that all your attention is on him. 

5. Wear sheer and keep him guessing

Here’s how: You know what’s great about sheer? It does your job for you. All you’ve got to do is wear something lacy and racy inside it and trust us, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. You could also wear delicate necklaces and play with them to get his attention to your neck and what’s hidden under...

6. Tease him in a way that makes him restless…

Here’s how: Give him a glimpse of those delicate feminine features you own. When you’re sure he’s watching you, pull all your hair to one side, such that your long neck is visible, or maybe wear an off shoulder top and flaunt those beautiful collarbones.

7. Make him stay up all night

Here’s how: When you wave him goodbye, give him a hug before you leave. Just him, not everybody around you, so that your gesture stands out even more. And make sure it’s not a friendly hug, but one that is tighter, meaningful and lingers for just a bit longer.

8. Touch, But Don’t Be Creepy
“Add some ‘touch’! Not in a creepy way obviously. It could be an accidental brush of the hands as you reach for something or stand next to him. Or it could be much more deliberate. If you’re walking somewhere, direct him a little with a touch of the elbow. Or if you’re pointing out to something, put your hand on his shoulder while you do so. Touch conveys intimacy and it’ll help him realise you’re flirting without it being obvious.” 

9. Touch him in a way that he feels it for long after…
Here’s how: Slap his arm lightly when he makes a joke, and sit near him in a way that your thighs brush against his, and he feels the pressure of your body against his own. He will know that you’re teasing him, and trust us, there is nothing he would love more than being teased by you like this.

10.Laugh At His Jokes
“I laugh at every joke (even the lame ones) and make sure there is some kind of contact between us (a tap on the shoulder or a light brush of my fingers against his neck). As long as it isn't creepy, it works!”
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