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Hangar 1 Rose Vodka

Hangar 1 Rose Vodka

Hangar 1 Rose Vodka

Topic : Hangar 1 Rose Vodka

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Hangar 1’s Rosé Vodka features the same millennial pink color we’re so drawn to in a regular glass of rosé, but of course, it’s a bit different. To create this totally new liquor, Hangar 1 starts with it’s signature straight vodka, which is distilled from grains and grapes, and combines it with a Northern California rosé blend of Petit Verdot and White Meritage. The resulting concoction features flavors found in both beverages. Like many rosés, Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka has a floral scent with notes of apple, peach, and citrus. However, it also has a crispy acidic finish that’s closer to what you’d expect to get from a sip of regular vodka.

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