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7 Signs Her 0rgasms Are Fake -

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It’s a scientific fact that most men take less time to achieve 0rgasm than women. There’s nothing worse for a man than coming up short in the bedroom. It’s important to practice, practice, practice to make sure a woman climaxes.

Women often fake their 0rgasms to make men feel better about themselves. A savvy man knows if she fakes it or not. Some women achieve 0rgasm easier than others; it’s not uncommon to meet a woman who has never climaxed.

Here are 7 signs her 0rgasms are fake. Next time you do it, keep these signs in mind!
#7 Talkative

If she is able to speak mid-0rgasm, then she definitely isn’t enjoying it as much as she is making it seem. When a woman has an 0rgasm, she will gasp for air and only muddled words will come out of her mouth. She won’t be saying “Oh, Johnny” in a perfectly clear voice.
#6 Smack That Board

If she is trying to hit the headboard with her hands, she is probably faking it and trying to make it seem like she is going crazy. This is her way of almost ridiculing you for coming up short in the sack. Men need to be more dominate and find out what gets a particular woman off.

#5 Strange Breathing

If she is breathing heavy and trying to be loud, but it seems like she is just trying to be loud to make it seem hotter; she is faking it. If you can almost hear a laugh in her breath, you’re not getting it there bro. Switch up your game plan!
#4 Um…Awkward!

If there is an awkward silence after her “0rgasm”, she was probably faking it. In her mind, it’s better than her just telling you she faked it. If she truly has an 0rgasm, her silence is caused by not being able to talk rather than choosing not to speak. If partners climax together, they should be panting for air and looking up at the ceiling with wide eyes.

#3 Twerk It

When a woman is having an 0rgasm, her body contracts. If her body isn’t contracting that means she faked it. This is the most key thing to look for when a woman climaxes. A man should feel her contract while inside. Experienced men know this feeling because it’s one of the most glorious feelings in life!
#2 Hot Tamale

Her body should be very hot and heavy when she 0rgasms. If her body temperature didn’t rise, she is faking it. You should be able to crack an egg and fry it on her stomach after she climaxes. If she feels lukewarm, keep trying guy, you’ll get there.
#1 Sounds Like an Adult Movie

If she is just screaming for no reason and being very dramatic, she is definitely faking it. No one needs to scream while they are having an 0rgasm. With some women, it’s difficult to know when they climax if they contract very little. A lot of the time, a woman will announce when she is about to have an 0rgasm to make sure the guy doesn’t stop. If it sounds like something out of an adult movie, no bueno.


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