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10 ​Things That Happen Only In Porn Movies, Not Real Life -

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Topic : 10 ​Things That Happen Only In Porn Movies, Not Real Life –

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Real life is a far, far cry from the life on reel. We all try that our love stories resemble Brontes’ novels and our sex-life be as dramatic as porn, but fancy is one thing, reality another. It is time we accept that the whips and lashes are painful and the Oscar-worthy moans are vaginal farts in real life. Check out the most unrealistic expectations that pornography is setting for our not-so-cinematic bedrooms.

​It’s never less than 30 minutes

Porn simply overlooks the concept of – quickies. They happen and are a very resourceful way to utilize your time and yet stay satisfied.

​Everyone has an orgasm, every time

It is okay to not have one. There are days when your vagina is more moody than you and simply refuses to get aroused. The more important part is to enjoy sex even without one.

It is too much drama

Whips and lashes are the new normal in porn and so are aunts and uncles waiting to sleep with you. In real life, there’s too less of such melodrama, if it exists at all.

No condoms, ever

Who needs condoms when the guy is hot and well-endowed, right? Wrong. You must put one on every darn time except when you are planning a pregnancy.

You are shaved down there every single time

Your vagina is as smooth as butter without a single strand of hair. Well, this is only possible if you have a waxing specialist there on standby all the time.

​Your vagina is fragrant and the guy drools over it

All vaginas have a natural scent which is only normal. It isn’t something which is exactly appealing or drool-worthy.

​Your penis is rock-hard and the girl drools over it

There are two essential things a man should always be grateful for to the woman – for bearing his children and for blowjobs. Need we say more?

You are no less hot than Bradley Cooper and manscaped, always

No hair, only smooth shining abs – that’s only in porn, not in real life.

Mid-day hook-ups at office is like an everyday affair

We really want to know where all these people work.

Sex on period? No, never

It is real, unaesthetic and gross. And such things are antonyms to porn.


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