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Top 10 Cranberries Songs | Brain Berries

Top 10 Cranberries Songs | Brain Berries

Top 10 Cranberries Songs | Brain Berries

Topic : Top 10 Cranberries Songs | Brain Berries

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Can you believe the Cranberries are almost 30 years old? Well, I should say “were”… As you may have heard, their lead singer, and just a gorgeous human being, Dolores O’Riordan, passed away, so nothing in this world will be the same again and everything currently sucks.


To be frank, I wasn’t their #1 fan by a long shot, I’m more of a casual listener with a tendency to cling to certain songs or albums and play them over and over until something new comes out. That’s exactly what happened to the 10 songs on this list. All of them have a special place in my heart.



10. “When You’re Gone” – 1996
When those first “shoo-be-dop” start rolling in, you instantly know this is gonna be good, and, look, you’re already swaying like a leaf in the wind!



9. “Stars” – 2002
One of the first Cranberries music videos I’ve seen when I were a teen. Look at that gorgeous scenery and how lovely Dolores looked. Absolutely astonishing!

8. “Why” – 2017
For some reason, this song sounds so light and magical, yet very heart-wrenching at the same time. This is now, sadly, the last video currently on their VEVO channel, and that makes me wanna drink.



7. “Salvation” – 1996
I remember hearing these crazy guitar shreds on the radio over 20 years ago, and back then I didn’t like the song at all. Took me a few years to get into the groove, and now I can definitely say that screaming “Salvation, salvation, salvation is free!” does not get old. Also, what the hell is that video about?

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