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Reasons To Have Sex With Introverts -

Reasons To Have Sex With Introverts -

Reasons To Have Sex With Introverts -

Topic : Reasons To Have Sex With Introverts –

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Introverts have the reputation of being quiet, staying to themselves, and being closed off. Because of these characteristics that are attached to being introverted, a lot of people are surprised when they find out that introverts can actually be quite good in bed. “Introvert in the sheets and an animal in the sheets,” it sounds like! The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely comes to mind. Are you thinking of one of your introvert friends right now and considering sleeping with them? Here, we discuss some reasons to have sex with an introvert.

Secrets. If you’re trying to keep your relationship under wraps, introverts are great at keeping secrets. Not only that, but they tend to steer clear of other people in general, so you have no chances of being exposed.

Trust. On the other hand, you can also trust your introverted partner to be loyal and someone you can trust with not only your relationship, but your deepest sexual desires.

Skill. Introverts spend a lot of time reading and learning, which means they have a lot of information on what sexual positions are the best to try, and what to do so that you get the most pleasure out of the experience.

Quiet. They won’t be one of those annoying people in bed that don’t know when to stop talking. They’re good at reading body cues and you won’t have to worry about waking your neighbors.

Caring. Introverts are caring and will put a lot of time into making sure you’re happy. They have a way of making you feel at ease and completely relaxed.

Focus. They focus all their attention on you, making sure you’re satisfied and things are equally as pleasurable for the both of you in the bedroom.

Cuddling. Introverts love to cuddle, so if this is something you love to do on a regular basis after sex, you might want to consider jumping into the sheets with an introvert.

Connection. They genuinely care about the connection that you have with one another, and they aren’t shallow by any means. They’ll be interested in getting to know you as much as possible.

Rush. They’re not in a rush to orgasm, or to get you to either. They like to take things slow, and enjoy every second of it along the way. Foreplay is a big thing for introverts.

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