Egyptian Beauty Secrets You Should Know For Skin That Glows Naturally

Here, are ten Egyptian beauty secrets that adds glow to the skin

1 – Milk and honey for bathing

There was wide use of raw honey for bathing as it had exfoliating and hydrating properties in it. Raw honey with milk was used for bathing and also as facial mask for extra lustre and glow in the face.
Milk and honey for bathing
Milk and honey for bathing

2 – Almond oil for anti-ageing

Almond oil being rich in antioxidants, fights anti-ageing. So, it was one crucial beauty secret of the Egyptian women.
Almond oil for anti-ageing

3 – For tresses (hair) its coconut oil

We see that the Egyptian women loved thick and long tresses and for that they used coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil. And for styling up their hair, the women used shea butter. Almond oil, castor oil were used for hair growth.
For tresses its coconut oil

4 – Henna for hair and fingernails

Henna not just for hair but also for colouring their fingernails.
Henna for hair and fingernails

5 – Body sugaring for hair removal  

Hair on the body is always considered unattractive. The Egyptians resorted to removing the unwanted body hair by ‘body sugaring’. Body sugaring is a method in which the body hair is removed with a help of a paste that is made up of water, sugar, lemon juice. And it shows that this method was less painful than the modern day’s waxing.
Body sugaring for hair removal 

6 – Coffee scrub

For the purpose of exfoliating the skin, the women used coffee scrub that is made with all-natural ingredients. The scrub was made with grounded coffee powder, one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil.

Coffee scrub

7 – Burnt almonds for brows

The women used to burn almonds and colour their brows with it. This gave them thick and dark brows as always desired.
Burnt almonds for brows

8 – Red ochre

Ochre is natural clay that is available in many colours. The Egyptians earlier used  to use red ochre to colour their lips.
Red ochre
Red ochre

9 –Salt from Dead sea for bathing

The Egyptian women usually of the high stature like Cleopatra used salt from the ‘Dead sea’ for bathing as it exfoliates as well as prevents skin problems like psoriasis etc.
Salt from Dead sea for bathing
Salt from Dead sea for bathing

10 – Fitness freaks too

Along with all these, we find the Egyptians being in perfect shape. They maintain the shape by taking part in activities like rowing, fishing, jumping etc.
Fitness freaks too
Fitness freaks too

These are the Egyptian beauty secrets – By now you might have already understood that a lot of beauty tips and make-up secrets are being used prominently even today. Due to the harsh climate of the Mediterranean, the Egyptians took very good care of their body skin, tresses withnatural sources. Follow these simple and yet very effective beauty secrets that are here right down from the Egyptians.

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