these are The Hottest Yoga Pants Pics Ever (50 Photos) - - The Hottest Yoga Pants Pics Ever (50 Photos) -

#25 will knock your socks off!

If you’re fit and you know it show it off.

Two words: body hugging.

Yoga pants leave nothing to the imagination. And that’s a good thing.

Yoga keeps you fit and healthy. See?

Yoga has become so popular recently that people have started to use it for fitness and, when combined with a healthy diet, for weight loss as well. The fitness benefits of yoga are many, but the two big ones are improving your flexibility and building muscle strength, both of which are on display here.

Yoga can be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to lose weight yoga can help you move more and eat less – a perfect diet combination. Yoga gets your body moving and burning calories, but can also help focus your mind and become more conscious and healthful about your eating choices. Doesn’t she look healthy?

Yoga helps perfect and straighten your posture. Your head is like a big heavy ball. When balanced over a properly aligned spine your neck and back muscles have to work less to support it. Poor posture over a long period of time can lead to back pain and joint problems and even degenerative arthritis of the spine. See what excellent posture she has?

Certain types of yoga increase your heart rate – can you feel it? Yoga flow or Astanga can push your heart rate into the aerobic range, lowering your risk of heart attack and even preventing depression. Research has found that regular yoga lowers the resting heart rate which increases endurance.

Yoga can be a powerful way to relax yourself. During yoga practice you slow down your breath and think about how your body is moving which helps to move your mind from the sympathetic nervous system, which is the familiar flight or fight response, to the parasympathetic system which is calming. Or instead of focusing on how your body is moving you could just think about how her body is moving.

Yoga is a great way to improve your balance. There are several postures like Tree Pose that specifically focus on balance, but nearly every upright yoga move helps in this regard. Better balance can mean better posture which helps with back pain and knee issues. Excellent balance demonstrated in this picture.

Having trouble sleeping? Yoga can help. Studies have found that yoga and meditation provide much needed downtime for your nervous system which promotes healthy sleep patterns. If your mind is not racing at night chances are you’ll have an easier time falling asleep. Or you might be up thinking about this girl.

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