7 Amazing Sex Positions for Big Girls and some Tips for BBW Sex!

Most of the sexy women we see in the media are thin and svelte, but does that mean that plus size women can’t or don’t have awesome sex lives? 

Absolutely not! Bigger girls have amazing sex all the time. However, size can sometimes cause certain positions not to work so well

. Learn which are the best positions for bigger women and how you can modify sex positions to work even if you’re a  big beautiful woman (BBW).

Sex Positions for Big Girls

Try out all  of the following plus size sex positions to see what works for you.

1.  Deep Impact

This sex position for big girls is somewhere between the legs-on-shoulder style and Missionary position. Instead of lying on top of you, your man kneels and raises your hips so that your butt rests on his thighs. This brings your vagina closer to his penis, which should make penetration easier.

Like the name suggests, it’s great for deep penetration.

You can leave your feet against his chest/shoulders, wrap your legs around him like in the Drill sex position or even bend at the knees and let your feet lie flat on the bed if your legs are long enough to do so.

2. Cowgirl

The second position for fat people is one that many larger women are afraid to try, and we’ll explain why that’s a mistake in a bit. However, this position is ideal because your man lies on the bed and you can straddle him and go to town.

Plop a couple of pillows under his butt to raise his hips for a better angle.

3. Spooning

This is another good sex position if your man’s penis is long enough to penetrate you from behind. He can adjust his body, so he’s at more of an angle than exactly parallel to your body. He can lean his top half away from you, potentially placing his legs between yours, so his feet stick out front.

Another option is for you to lift your leg, either bent at the knee or pointed toward the ceiling. This enables him to grab your leg for leverage and get closer to you for penetration. This is quite similar to the next sex position for BBWs.

4. Leg Glider

In the Leg Glider position, you’re slightly leaning to one side (you can potentially lie on your back if you twist your spine, however).  You lift your upper leg toward the ceiling, and he straddles the leg that is on the bed. He needs to scoot close enough to penetrate, which means he can grasp your leg or place it along his body wherever your foot lands based on your height.

This might be a good position for nuzzling, a leg massage or even some foot play if either of you has a foot fetish. Learn more about a foot fetish.

5. Thigh Tide

Thigh Tide is just Reverse Cowgirl with an important alteration: he bends one leg at the knee (Discover how to do the Thigh Tide sex position). You can wrap your arms around his leg and grind your clit against his thigh as you ride him. This increases the likelihood that you’ll orgasm.

6. Doggy

Doggy style is a good position for BBWs because your tummy can’t get in the way. Instead, your man enters you from behind. Rear entry positions can be more difficult if you’ve also got a bigger butt, however.

Pillows, especially those made from memory foam, can help you support your weight in this position. Plus, doggy style is great for G-spot stimulation. 


7. Butterfly

The final sex position for big girls is one that works best if your man is the right height to penetrate you while he stands on the floor and you lie on your back on the bed. In the Butterfly position, you should be scooted to the edge of the mattress. He can penetrate you with your legs up against his chest. The key is to keep your legs straight so they’re not pushed back against your tummy and breasts, which might not feel so great.

However, you can easily modify this position by wrapping your legs around his waist or simply having him hold your thighs while your legs extend straight out behind him. If you lie on your stomach instead, you’ll be in the Superwoman position. Learn the best way to enjoy the Superwoman sex position.

What If He’s Bigger?

You might be a bigger woman (or not) who finds sex difficult because your partner is also larger. 
The answer is - Get on top!

When your man is on top, his penis might be obscured. But when he lies on his back, his weight shifts in a way that gives you better access to his cock. You might realize that he’s more well endowed than you thought before.

Reverse Cowgirl (more about Reverse Cowgirl sex position) also works well, but you’ll want to stay away from positions where you’re facing each other.

Ride Him, Cowgirl

Maybe you’re looking for sex positions for big girls because you think you can’t ride your man. Well, we’ve got news for you! Yes, you can!

Unless your partner has a smaller penis that doesn’t work well for Cowgirl style, you’ve got nothing to worry about. And that can often be fixed by placing a pillow or two beneath his hips to raise them.

Even if you’re much bigger than he is, you’re not going to hurt him or do any lasting damage. Although, if you’re too reluctant to climb on top, you might not be doing any favors to your sex life and relationship.

you might worry that you’re not sure what to do. Being on top can look like it needs a lot of flexibility or strength, especially in porn, but that’s not always the case. You don’t necessarily have to rest on your feet and bounce. In fact, many women prefer kneeling and grinding back and forth, which can also provide better clitoral stimulation.

Modification Is Key

Some of these positions need modification for rounded butts, bigger tummies and more weight. If you’re a bigger gal and your partner has a smaller penis, then your thick thighs might seem like an obstacle. But a little modification goes a long way.

This means things such as

  • Strategically placing pillows under the partner’s body who is on the bottom 

  • Moving to the floor instead of the soft bed

  • Kneeling rather than sitting or lying 

  • Leaning over a piece of furniture

  • Scooting to the end of the bed

  • Lifting a leg
It’s easy to think that sex should be, well, easy. But sometimes it takes a bit to figure out how your bodies work together, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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