18 Things Girls Do That Guys Love (You Can Do Them, Too)

18 Things Girls Do That Guys Love
18 Things Girls Do That Guys Love 

Here are 18 things girls do that guys love and why.

1. Being Comfortable Not Being Made Up or Dressed Up

Guys like it when you dress up, but they also like a natural look and a woman who isn’t high-maintenance all the time. Show him that you don’t have to take an hour to get ready for everything. Be comfortable being natural sometimes, which is a common thing guys love about girls.

2. Acting Feminine (But Not Submissive)

Guys like feminine women. There are many ways to be feminine. Wearing makeup to enhance your beauty is one way. Wearing perfume that isn’t overwhelming is another. Feminine women do their nails, never yell and swear, avoid arguments, speak softly, and listen to their man.

But being feminine doesn’t mean you can’t be a strong, confident woman. You can. Being strong and confident allows you to be happy and true to yourself, not doing anything you don’t want to do. Being feminine does not mean you need to be helpless and have no voice.

3. Being a Challenge

Although many men like a good booty call and a woman who is available anytime, they will get bored fast if you act like that. Men like a challenge and the chase (play hard to get with these tips), so being a challenge is a thing guys love about girls. It’s fun for them and ultimately more satisfying if he can eventually win you over. Plus, he figures that if you’re super easy for him to get, you’ll be that easy for any guy.

Being a challenge keeps things interesting, and guys like that.

4. Pleasing Him in the Bedroom

It probably goes without saying that guys want to be pleased in bed. Here’s what they like:

  • They like sexy lingerie.

  • They like watching in the mirror.

  • They like the unexpected, like being blindfolded.

  • They like to try new things -ideas in this post
  • They want a woman who is turned on already without them having to turn her on.

  • They want sex to be fun.

  • They like it when you let them know how much you’re enjoying having sex with them.
So go ahead and please him in the bedroom, which is a thing guys love about girls.

5. Apologizing First

When you’re in a relationship, fights are bound to occur. Whether you think you were right or wrong, you can always apologize for letting the fight get to the level it did. Or if you disappointed your guy in any way, from being late to forgetting the anniversary of your first date, go ahead and apologize.

Some people will never admit they’re wrong and will never apologize. Don’t be that person. Your guy will appreciate you if you recognize and can admit that you aren’t always perfect.

If you’re the one who apologizes first every time or if he never apologizes, it’s a huge red flag. Check out this list of red flags to make sure you’re not making a mistake.

6. Being Scared

Halloween is the perfect time to do something that guys love: being scared. Ask him to take you to a haunted house or event. You might really be scared, or you can just pretend you are. You can grab onto his arm, and he can feel good about protecting you. If it’s not Halloween time, you can get the same effect from being scared watching a scary movie with your guy.

Just don’t take this too far. Acting scared for a little while is fun for guys, but if you keep it up the whole time you’re out, it will get old.

7. Putting Effort into Your Appearance

Another thing guys love about girls is when they put effort into their appearance. You don’t want to appear to be one of the guys. Showing that you made an effort to look attractive for him is even more appealing. Exercise to get your body in shape. Not only will this make you feel sexy and more confident, but he will also love it too. And once your body is looking good, know how to dress for your body to make your shape look its best.

8. Flirting

Guys love it when you flirt with them. It shows that you’re interested in them and that you aren’t shy. When you flirt with a guy, you make him feel good. Guys also appreciate that they won’t have to do all the work.

Just be careful that you don’t flirt with other guys once you are with the guy you like. That sends the message that the guy you like really isn’t that special after all.

 9. Showing Random Quirks

Some men find the little random habits you have endearing and charming. Do you snort when you laugh? Play with your hair? Make a funny noise when you stretch? If you have a quirk that is unique to you, don’t be surprised if it’s something your man really loves about you.

Being yourself might sound simple, but guys really like it. Find out what else guys find sexy.

10. Being Shy

Some men like shy women. They feel as if shy women won’t be looking around for other men and are more trustworthy. Men think that shy girls aren’t gossips. They can also feel as if shy women need protecting and need a man to be the dominant one in the relationship. When a woman is shy, this brings out the protective mode in most men.

11. Singing/Rapping Along to Music

Some guys like it when you spontaneously sing or rap to music in a natural or low-key manner. If you have a great voice (or think you do), and you are belting out a song, some men might find that annoying. So gauge the situation. If he’s having fun or even singing too, he likes it. But if he’s not giving you a reaction, he might not.

12. Wearing His Clothes

Guys like it when you wear their clothes because it’s an intimate gesture. And they usually like the way their clothes look way too big on you. A guy will usually feel protective over you when you wear his clothes.

13. Offering to Cook

Offering to cook for your man is a thing girls do that guys love. It shows that you aren’t always looking to see what he can buy or do for you. And it shows that you like him and want to demonstrate your domestic side.

14. Pushing His Buttons

You might think that pushing his buttons will just make your guy angry. And it might. But this thing girls do that guys love shows you know who your guy is and how to get to him. Wanna annoy your boyfriend in cute ways? Get inspiration here.

15. Saying His Name

Guys love it when you say their name, especially in bed. They love to know that you’re not fantasizing about someone else and that it’s them who are making you hot.

16. Watching

Many men are visual, and they like to have mirror sex so they can watch. The visual experience can be super erotic for men, and is definitely a thing girls do that guys love. You can also watch him masturbate or try mutual masturbation. More on that here.

17. Getting Along with His Parents/Friends/Family

When you make an effort to get along with people who are important to your guy, he’ll be happy because he can feel free to bring you along to events.

Guys love women who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who love an adventure, and who know their value. While some of these things guys like might seem contradictory, they all show how unique and valuable a woman is. Now you know many things girls do that guys love.

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