Different types of Bra for girls, which are kinky

Different types of Bra for girls, which are kinky

Different types of Bra you need to know now

1)Push up bras:

Boons for women with small breasts, these bras are designed to accentuate your cleavage as the silicon or foam pads on the underside push your breast towards the center. These bras are best suited for deep necked outfits and help you to add volume and make the breasts look symmetrical.

2) Balconette bras:

A sexy and comfortable option which provides coverage to your breasts but revealing the top half and suitable for horizontal necklines, they give a fuller round appearance by gently pushing the breasts upwards and not towards the centre. They have wider straps and are usually meant for small and medium sized breasts.

3) Convertible bras:
Another essential different types of bra to add to your collection, the convertible bras basically come with adjustable and removable straps which can also be hooked in several ways such as single belt, cross belts or removed completely according to our requirement and outfit needs.
4) Sports bras:

Best for providing substantial support during arduous gym routines and exercise regimes, these bras prevent damage to your breasts that can be caused during the bouncing and lifting in the exercises. It is necessary that you pay attention to the straps, size and cups and choose the correct sports bra according to your requirement to help you with free movement during exercising.
5) Padded bras:

An absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe the padded cups provide coverage for all size of breasts and are mainly tailored for tight fitted outfits to give a good shape and prevent nipple show. You can even go for soft padded bras which do not make your breasts look double the size but are snug and a comfortable choice for winters.
6) Bandeau bras:

Made of stretchable fabric, a bandeau bra is usually like a wrap around your breasts which does not provide ample support but are suitable for tank tops and racerback tops. They do not have any straps or hooks to fasten them and are worn over the head. They are available in variety of materials for regular wear as well as in fancy materials like satin and lace and are suitable for small and medium sized breasts.
7) Maternity bras:

A bra that helps nursing mothers in facilitating the process, these bras are soft and smooth with wide straps and have removable flap which helps during feeding the baby. These bras are crucial for every mother as it made out of material which adjusts according to the increasing size of the breasts during and post pregnancy and yet provide comfortable coverage.
8) Adhesive bras:
In raging demand these days are the adhesive or the stick-on bra which are made with medical grade adhesive on the inner side which stick to your breasts and helps you provide support to your breasts in sheer, revealing or backless outfits. The cups are usually made of silicone and are strapless. Most of them are usually reusable.

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